What a way to start off the week!

After a week of pomping, midterms, difficult homework assignments, cheering on the Tops, and a lot of costume and candy shopping, the end of the Homecoming activities was welcomed with open arms. Just to put it into perspective, many WKU students slept most of Sunday away, with reports of students sleeping for 16 hours straight! And if that rest wasn’t enough to get people ready for another work/school week, maybe today’s magnificent Monday weather put smiles on their faces. But one day just isn’t enough, so let’s see what the next few days will bring us.

Tuesday will be nice and warm with mostly clear skies. Highs will be in the mid 70’s. This is the perfect type of day to shed the sweatshirt and start raking those big, orange leaves from the maple trees that are prevalent throughout Bowling Green. If you’re a student, it will be a great day to Eno under the cherry trees or play a little ultimate frisbee on South Lawn. Just don’t miss out on tomorrow’s great conditions because they will change quickly as Wednesday rolls around.

Yes, Halloween Wednesday will be a little less spooky and a little more soggy. As the kiddos (or 20 year olds) head out to trick-or-treat, rain will be moving in ahead of a cold front.  While the front itself will pass through around noon Thursday, the rain chances will begin around dinnertime on Halloween. With the wet weather in mind, make sure to adjust your plans accordingly.

Depiction of rainfall from Wednesday into Thursday from the 0Z NAM – Courtesy Pivotal Weather.

0Z GFS showing center of low pressure system moving directly over South Central KY. Temp and wind change mid-afternoon Thursday. – Courtesy of Pivotal Weather

Southerly flow will keep our temps in the 60’s all night long Wednesday into Thursday, so our high temperature Thursday will actually come during the morning hours just before the front passes through. As the front moves off to the East, temperatures will drop into the 40’s by mid-afternoon and stay there for the rest of the day. The umbrella will be a necessity Thursday since this will be an all-day rain event.

When all is said and done by Friday, portions of South Central Kentucky could see total rainfall amounts of a couple inches or more.

Tuesday: high of 74, mostly clear skies. Enjoy it while you can!

Wednesday: high of 70, rain starting during the evening hours and continuing throughout the night.

Thursday: Continuous moderate rainfall, high of 64 around midnight with temps dropping into the low 40’s throughout the day. Winds shifting from South to North by the end of the day.

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