Cooling Factor Ahead

Good afternoon WKU!

It’s Tuesday and Happy Election Day young citizens! This is a great day to get out and cast your vote for the upcoming state elections. Voting is very important as a democratic nation, and since the rain has ceased revealing perfect fall weather, there won’t be any excuse to defy the odds before polls close at 6pm. But first, a quick weather recap of Monday’s rain accumulation.

Monday’s rain totals were just several notches away from two inches in Bowling Green, Ky.! The final observation was calculated to be 1.79″ of rainfall (courtesy of NWS Climatological Report).

Tuesday will be less of a rain threat due to the moisture being wrung out of the area from a cold frontal passage. Skies began to open up this morning unveiling partly cloudy skies with a glimpse of sun. Maximum temperature for today will be 65°F but conditions start to get drastically colder after this evening.

A second cold sector sweeps through the Mid-South area associated with a fast moving cold front. Considerably, maximum temperatures for Wednesday and Thursday will be in the middle tier of 50°F. Rain chances will be prevalent for Wednesday morning before 7am but will soon clear out for a chilly and breezy day.

Overall, Tuesday is Election Day! This year’s votes involve congressional, Kentucky House and Senate, mayoral, city council and judicial races, and a constitutional amendment, among others. Temperatures are suitable enough to get out there and make your voice heard.


Tuesday: Partly sunny with a slight westerly wind, drier conditions due to passage of cold frontal boundary. 65°F/48°F

Tuesday PM: Mostly clear with a calming wind of about 3 mph. Overnight low of 49°F.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy; Morning scattered rain chances of 30% then deteriorate to a drier atmosphere and windier conditions.  53°F/39°F


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