Here Come The Cold Shots…

Over the next week and a half, much of the U.S. (including us!) will experience multiple shots of cold air.  The models have been remarkably consistent with the cooler pattern taking over, at least for now.  The first cold shot will be Friday night into Saturday morning-  you can expect upper 20s for our region with chilly winds around 12 mph.  Bring all your plants and pets indoors!  The run of the NAM shown below really helps to illustrate how deep this cold will get:

With each shot of cold air, there is some slight potential for- you heard right- snowflakes!  For the period of Friday into Saturday, some of the short range models have started showing the possibility for a few stray snow showers in the region.  This will be something to keep an eye on over the coming days, however the better chance at seeing flakes actually comes with the second blast of cold air Monday into Tuesday:

Above is the GFS for that second blast of cold air.  Temperatures could fall into the 20s again, and have yet another chance at seeing a few flakes.  It’s still pretty far out from now, so we’ll have to watch how this unfolds over the coming days!

There is a third blast of cold air after next week on the horizon- or at least the signal for it is there.  No doubt you’ll be needing your heavy coats at times over at least the next few weeks.

Tonight: Low of 36, Partly Cloudy

Tomorrow: High of 54, Low of 40 , Scattered Showers

Friday: High 47, Low 29, Rainy and Cold- chance of a snowflake late

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