Thanksgiving Travel

As the short school/work week draws to a close, it’s time to focus on drawing near to our loved ones. But before we can do that, we have to get to them first! Whether you’re flying or driving, here are the forecasts for some big cities and interstates that you’ll probably pass through or use.


I-65: From Nashville, Tennessee, to Mobile, Alabama, this route will be clear of any weather related problems both Tuesday and Wednesday. But keep a cautious eye out because traffic problems still tend to occur all along this road even without wet weather. From Nashville to Louisville, a couple light showers are possible early Tuesday. Once you cross over the Ohio River, those rain chances will change to light snow especially as you approach the Windy City early Tuesday morning. The second half of Tuesday and all day Wednesday looks clear for the entirety of this interstate.

I-35: Splitting the East from the West, this road through the heartland will be clear from Minneapolis to Dallas both Tuesday and Wednesday.

I-80: From New York to Chicago to San Francisco, this path could experience some problems on the ends closest to each coast. In New York and Pennsylvania, drivers need to watch out for intermittent snow showers for most of the day Wednesday. On the western end, rain showers will increase greatly during the evening hours for the northern half of California.

I-95: The longest interstate along the East coast will experience some midday showers points South of Charleston, SC, and a rain/snow mix points North of New York City for most of the day and night on Tuesday. Wednesday looks clear as can be, but watch out for slick spots caused by leftover snow or frozen puddles from rain the day/night before if you are driving North of Boston especially.


Nashville (BNA): High temps in the mid to upper 40s both days with an overnight low deep down in the lower 30s. Dry

Atlanta (ATL): Temps in the mid to upper 50s both days with an overnight low dipping into the upper 30s.

New York (JFK/LGA): Tuesday could squeeze out a high around 40, but will dip down into the 20s overnight and remain in the 30s all day Wednesday.

Los Angeles (LAX): Mid 60s (near 70 for some) on Tuesday and dropping into the low 50s overnight. Temps will only creep back into the low 60s on Wednesday.

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If you’re staying around Bowling Green, high temps will be in the mid-40s both days and drop to the mid-20s during the night Tuesday in Wednesday. Tuesday will be mostly cloudy while Wednesday will clear out very nicely.

Safe travels and have a Happy Thanksgiving!




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