Turkey Weekend Forecast


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and if you participate in Black Friday hope you found great deals. The weather yesterday was a perfect November day. Today will not be as great. With the southerly flow there will be an increase in clouds as the day progresses  and gusts up to 20 mph. The high temperature will be similar to Turkey Day, around average for this time of year, this is caused by the warm air advection. As a low pressure from the plains heads into our area, we will see soaking night potential to see half an itch total of rain over tonight.

At midnight, the NAM is showing about .27″ around the area. Increasing till day break on Saturday when it looks to mid .30″.

Saturday temperature are looking to be  around upper 50s and lows to be around low 40s. There is also a chance to see rain showers throughout  Saturday. Sunday could be well above average with temperatures with in the mid to upper 60s in some places and there are some indications to see low 70s in other places. There will be a dramatic drop in temperatures with the rainfall overspreading the area and a low races to the great lakes and will bring cold northwest winds into the area. Monday highs could be in the lower 40s, a good 20-25 degree drop from Sunday.


Friday: 55/46 with a great chance to see rain tonight

Saturday:  60/42 with a slight chance to see rain throughout the day

Sunday: 64/32 With a great chance to see rain starting in the afternoon into the evening  clearing at night

Monday: 37/23 with winds at 10-20 mph



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