One Month Before Christmas!

Well as my title says, we are at one month until Christmas Day! After getting full of Thanksgiving goodies I imagine many families cranked up the Christmas tunes, got out the eggnog, and put up the tree. While today won’t exactly feel Christmas like, the rest of the week will as a cold front pushes its way across the area. Right now winds are coming from the south east but will shift to the northern directions. We will experience some heavy later because of this.

GOES 16 satellite imagery

Satellite imagery is showing some upper level clouds as well as that heavy fog that’s been talked about. There is an advisory out at the moment for that fog so please be careful!

We will see some showers later on into tonight so make sure to keep an umbrella with you. As temperatures head towards freezing for Monday morning, it is possible to see a few pop up flurries.

A high pressure system will come through Monday to dry things up for Monday and Tuesday. It will be cold, but uneventful.


  • Sunday:
    • High: 67
    • Low: 35
    • There is a 40 % chance of rain later today going up to 60% this evening. A potential for flurries in the early hours.
  • Monday:
    • High: 39
    • Low: 22
  • Tuesday:
    • High: 37
    • Low: 23

Have a fun and safe week everyone!

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