Interesting Weather Day Ahead: Damaging Winds, Severe Thunderstorms?

Let’s start with incredible satellite imagery of the 3/13/19 Great Plains blizzard (or “Bomb Cyclone”, as you may have heard about in the news) currently over the United States:

With blizzard conditions stretching from Colorado to North Dakota, this storm is a beast! But what does this mean for Kentucky?

HRRR Wind Gusts

Hold on to your hats! Expect it to get pretty gusty at times. The HRRR (high resolution, short range weather model) is showing wind gusts in the 40-50 mph neighborhood for most of the day tomorrow. Combined with rain, this could lead to some downed trees across the area- be wary of this.

HRRR Simulated Reflectivity

There is also a shot at some severe weather for our area. As the HRRR model illustrates above, the potential for a line of storms (or even isolated storms!) capable of producing severe weather is there. This could occur anytime in the early to late afternoon. This set up, however, is interesting because it comes with a potential flaw:

NAM Cloud Cover

There are two distinct possibilities for tomorrow’s weather. The first would be something like the model depicted above, where clouds and rain hold on through most of the morning and early afternoon. In this scenario, it is not likely we would experience much in the way of severe weather. The second possibility is for less rain and clouds- meaning more clearing for the sun to heat the Earth’s surface. In this scenario, the chance for severe weather in our area rises.

Besides staying up to date with our blog, keep your eye on the sky tomorrow- and follow the NWS as well as your local TV meteorologists for the latest!

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