Weekend “Cool Down”

Near record heat once again for this mid-September day. We peaked out at 96 degrees, which is only 2 degrees off the high set back in 1939. While Kentucky natives know full well that it is not unheard of for start of September to be quite hot, it’s worth noting that we have been running 10+ degrees above average for the past few days. Tomorrow will be hot and dry once again. We’ll be waking up to temps in the low 70s and ending up around 95 for our afternoon high. Humidity will be a big factor with DPs near 70 just like today.

However, things will change just a little bit as we move past Friday. A cold front will sweep through the area bring a very slight change of some showers late Friday night. Behind the front is where we’ll find our relief: cooler, drier air. Highs will still be above our average of 84 for this time of year, but the DPs will finally get knocked down into the low 60s. If you have any gardening or lawn care plans this weekend, Saturday is definitely the more pleasant day to get those outdoor tasks completed.

While Sunday will be hot with temps in the low 90s, it won’t feel too oppressive considering the DPs will still be around 60. Lows for both Sunday and Monday morning will be around 65 degrees.

With mostly clear skies and highs near or above 90 for the next few days, it’s weekends like these that make us wish that the pools stayed open just a little while longer. If you have access to one, maybe get out there and enjoy a good cookout with family and friends if at all possible. Otherwise, make sure to stay hydrated at any outdoor events such as the big WKU vs UofL game Saturday at 3:00. No, beer does not count as a source of hydration and can even exacerbate the problem when people are dehydrated. Again, stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

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