Harvest Moon

Some people feel pessimistic because of dry weather and lack of rainfall but they may not know that the current weather is a perfect for farmers so far because it is time to dry up their crops and harvest it. What I do know is that tonight the United States will have passed through a rare astronomical phenomenon that only recurs once every 30 years. Harvest Moon is a traditional name among the farmers and it is anther name for full moon. It is called Harvest Moon because it comes at the height of the harvest during three days and it will be available to see for most people who live in US. According to NASA, this moon was historically aided in a special way for farmers who used to rely on moonlight during the harvest. I am happy to see the tonight`s moon because it is a very rare event as will be the first visible moon that across the United States. The last one was in October 13, 2000. The next full moon is unlikely to happen again for another 30 years on August 13, 2049.

The weather will likely remain calm, stable and hot with high temperature 96 °F and low 67 °F except we might see isolated showers and thunderstorms in some parts. This night will be partly cloudy and variable wind after midnight. In synoptic scale, a cold front is moving now to Indiana and western Kentucky. It it is not deep moist convergence but with deep layer shear after few hours, there might be rain, lightning and gusty wind during this night.

Summary for next few days


Max (°F)


Saturday (Sunny)



Saturday Night (Mostly Clear)



Sunday (Sunny)



Sunday Night (Mostly Clear)



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