Homecoming Festivities Planner

This year’s Homecoming week has been as hectic as any other year, but the big events have yet to begin! As students finish up their respective organization’s float tonight, temperatures will drop into the lower 40s by midnight. For those pulling the dreaded all-nighter to make sure that every pomp is perfectly placed, bring some extra warm clothes tonight because morning lows will be in the upper 30s.

Friday is the day to show off the floats as students parade from the Hardin Planetarium to the Square and back up to Cherry Hall for Big Red’s Roar where this week’s winners will be announced. High temps will be in the mid-60s during the afternoon. Temps at 5:00 for the beginning of the parade at 5:00 will be around 60 degrees and dropping steadily throughout Big Red’s Roar and the NPHC Step-Show. As the official Homecoming activities wrap up around 8:30, expect temperatures to be near 50 degrees and even cooler if you are out and about for those late-night extracurricular events.

After a well deserved night of sleep, Saturday morning will be much milder than the previous couple of mornings with a low of 45 degrees. Saturday in general will be a much warmer day with a high of 74 degrees! It might get a little breezy with winds out of the north at 10 mph, but other than that it looks like a perfect day to watch our Hilltoppers clash with the Charlotte 49ers. Kickoff is at 3:00 with Homecoming celebrations and activities occurring throughout the game such as the revealing of the Homecoming Queen during halftime!

Sunday marks the end of Homecoming and introduces overcast skies ahead of the wet weather on Monday. Both Sunday and Monday will be in the 70s, but Monday will be wet most of the day with heavy rain possible for many SOKY residents.

Overall, the weather will be nice from now until the culmination of WKU’s Homecoming activities. Enjoy this good spell before the next round of wet weather approaches on Monday!

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