Ready for Homecoming

My kids are ready for collecting the candy from this Friday`s Homecoming. I remember last year, they brought a lot of candy to house until I got fried to not eat anything except that candy so I and my wife decided to hide it for a while but it did not work because the is a big story between the children and the candy which I haven’t understand it yet.

Anyhow, the homecoming will be interesting for all different age and the weather will be perfect in some point. The temperature will be at mid-60s but I don’t advise to anyone to stay out for long after sunset because the temperature will start to drop down into high 40s and into low 40s by midnight. Tomorrow will be sunny with temperature low 70s, but there will be a chance of showers at afternoon due to some instability in upper and lower atmospheric layers such as cold front and some moist air.

There will be an important astronomical event in next few days between now until October,22 which is Orionids Meteor Shower. The astronomy enthusiasts could see a banish of meteors, about 20 meteors per hour. These meteors are basically a dust grains come from comet Halley. The pick time of this phenomenon is October 21 but we won’t see some of the faint meteors because of second quarter moon but the brighter meteors can be seen in the sky.


Time Condition High(°F) Low (°F)
Friday (Night) Clear    42 
Saturday Sunny then slight chance showers 72  
Saturday ( Night) Slight chance of showers   50
Sunday Mostly Sunny 75  
Sunday (Night) Partly Cloudy   56
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