Chilly Temperature

It seems we start the new month with a chilly temperature. My family w so sad yesterday because they couldn’t do the Halloween activities due to frozen temperature during all yesterday and night. The Freeze Warning was published yesterday until this morning. It is hard to think about it, how the temperature sharply dropped down but this is how the weather and climate work out in our life.

To analysis the cold event that took place yesterday, we must take into account the synoptic scale. A massive cold front moved and approached from north west toward south east, causing a severe cold weather last day (see figure 1). Not only that, but another cold front is coming and follow up the same scenario (see figure 2). Therefore, we might see another freeze warning during this fall. Additionally, a high pressure is located over central of US which in turn made the blue sky for the day with low temperatures, a high 40 °F and low 30 °F during night.

figure 1: Current surface map: NWS
Figure 2: Tomorrow forecast for surface map. A cold front is moving toward to central Kentucky


Day and time Condition High(°F) Low (°F)
Tonight Clear   30 
Saturday Sunny 52   
Saturday Night Mostly clear   28 
Sunday Sunny 54   
Sunday Night   Mostly clear   33 
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