Mercury at perihelion

   I wouldn’t like to miss this a unique astronomical event that is happened this week because we don’t do a public direct observation of solar system planets all the time. This time on November 11, 2019 Mercury passed directory in the front of our sun and it was visible through telescope. It was a small beautiful black dot crossing the sun`s face (see fig 1). It was visible here in US because the transit began at morning time.  Note that the last transit of Mercury was in early 2016 and the next one we might see won’t be until 2023.  The current location Mercury today at this time is at perihelion which mean the location where the Mercury close to the Sun.  

Figure 1: Left hand side, Mercury is crossing the Sun. Right hand side: Mercury at perihelion at 11:05 CST on 16 Nov 2019

The Current weather conditions at Bowling Green is fair and the temperature will reach to high 40s °F. The night will be cold with low temperature at mid-20s °F with mostly clear. No significant weather during this weekend by analysis the synoptic scale we could related the stable condition to the surface high pressure dominate at the region (see fig 2). Therefore, the weekend will be dry weather and sunshine mixed with clouds in some times.

Figure 2: Current surface map at 11:00 CST: NWS


Day and time Condition High(°F) Low (°F)
Tonight Mostly Clear   25
Saturday Sunny 49  
Saturday Night Mostly clear   25 
Sunday Mostly Cloudy 51  
Sunday Night  Mostly Cloudy   32 
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