A Little Warming Trend Ahead

Overall it has been a cold first half of November; in fact, we are on track to be the fifth coldest November on record with an average temperature of 41. The particularly cold spell at the beginning of last week helped get us to this point, but our chance of staying in the top ten coldest Novembers will diminish as we warm up over the next few days.

Tonight will be cool and calm, with a chance for some fog throughout the region overnight. Morning lows will start in the mid-30s, so don’t forget to grab a jacket before heading out the door tomorrow.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny and mild with a high of 55 as high pressure moves directly over the Commonwealth.

Wednesday night will continue to be warm with clouds increasing overnight ahead of an approaching system.

Morning lows on Thursday will dip to only 40, and it will stay mild throughout the day as a warm front brings additional heat and moisture to the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Cloud cover will be dense most of the day, but highs will top out around 64.

Thursday night will start to take a turn late as rain develops ahead of a cold front. Temperatures will stay in the low 50s throughout much of the night. The rain will likely hold off until the early morning hours on Friday.

Friday through the weekend will be cooler with increased rain chances for the first half of the weekend.

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