A Split Forecast for the Start of September

For the first day of the month, we will see conditions that will differ from those expected for the following weekdays. We will stay relatively dry for half of the day, with partly cloudy skies and a light to gentle breeze for some relief from the patchy sunlight paired with oppressive humidity. Temperatures will peak at the mid-80’s this afternoon and stoop down to the mid-70’s by this evening. If you plan on spending any time outdoors throughout the day, we encourage for you to stay hydrated and wear light clothing to prevent from any heat-related illness.

Unfortunately, we will see cloud cover become more prominent as evening approaches. Around 4pm, the chances for scattered showers and thunderstorms will increase, as shown in the figure below. Although the severity of these will lack, we can’t rule out the possibility of gusty winds or brief moments of heavy rainfall.

Today’s projected scattered storms, from 12-5pm (HRRR Model, Pivotal Weather)
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