Our Last Taste of Summer

Prepare to enjoy one of the last weekends that summer has to offer as temperatures start to cool off as we head into the fall season. A cold front is pushing eastward from the Tennessee Valley this morning with the last of the rainfall moving through eastern North Carolina. Fair weather will set us up for a fairly dry weekend, as a surface high pressure rests over the great lakes, bringing with it some below average dew points for the summer season. The high for today is 73°F with mostly sunny conditions for most of the day. The low for today is 48°F.

Game day’s high will be 71°F and the low will be 47°F with still mostly dry and sunny conditions.

Sunday’s high will be 74F° and the low will be 50°F. This is going to be the main setup to kick of the beginning of the work week as well.

Stay safe and make sure you take advantage at some of our last tastes of summer!

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