Significant Icing Anticipated for South Central Kentucky

Good morning to you! We hope that you are having a wonderful day so far!

If you haven’t seen already, the south central region of the state is under a winter weather watch for tonight into Thursday evening. Here, we will give you a rundown on this event so you’ll know what to expect.

On Wednesday, we will start out with scattered showers that will transition to widespread freezing rain overnight and into Thursday. As of now, anticipated precipitation totals range from 0.25-0.75 inches. According to the National Weather Service, power outages and tree damage will be likely because of the ice and travel could be “nearly impossible”.

Moreover, the wind chill is likely to remain below freezing throughout the entirety of this event. We may see values start in the upper 20’s at the start of Wednesday that will drop to the lower 20’s into Thursday and remain that way into Friday. Therefore, we advise that you layer up accordingly to stay safe!

That’s all for today! Please be mindful of this event and do spread the word! Stay safe!

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