The Aftermath

Good morning to you! We hope that you are staying in and staying warm at a time like this!

If you are a fan of the Kentucky Mesonet, you may have noticed something off by the wind speed map. A vast majority of the counties read 0 mph winds.

So, what is the reasoning behind this?

Whenever this happens, it is a good indicator that the area of interest has received a significant amount of ice because the anemometer (the instrument that measures the wind speed) is frozen. For this to happen, about 0.2 inches or more of ice must be accumulated. This was something that I learned in a class today, so I thought I’d share.

Because of this, we would like to remind you to travel with extreme caution today if you must be on the roads. We won’t see temperatures exceed much over freezing today, so any ice on untreated roads may stick around longer than we’d hope for. As the National Weather Service says, “ice and snow…take it slow!”

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