Why No Snow?

This evening many of you might have noticed that there was some sleet that fell in the Bowling Green area around 8:00pm, even though the temperature was 32 degrees. So why was this not snow? the answer is easy. High up in the atmosphere it started off as snow but this snow fell through a shallow area of warm air which melted the snow back into rain. As the rain approached the surface, and entered cooler below freezing air, the rain refreezes into ice or sleet which is what we saw this evening. So for those of you wondering why it was not snow, there is a warm layer of above freezing air currently situated over Bowling Green which melted the snow thousands of feet above our heads but then the cold air refroze that rain into ice/sleet. The good news is that the surface is to0 warm, thanks to our recent warm days, for any sleet to stick or accumulate at the surface. Have a Nice evening and a good day tomorrow!

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