Today in Weather History

Good evening to you! If you’re a student, hang on just a little longer, as spring break starts this weekend!

On this day, in 1986, a strong low pressure system swept through the Midwest, impacting the tri-state area of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. This was the start of the tornado outbreak of March 10-12, 1986. On this day alone, severe thunderstorms produced a total of 19 tornadoes; 3 of which reached F-3 on the Fujita Scale. Of the tri-state area, no lives were lost, but 20 were injured. The storms showed no mercy, as up to 900 homes were destroyed. Whilst the public may not correlate tornadoes and winter, the possibility is always there. It is important to have a safety plan for natural disasters, so if you have spare time over break, now’s your chance to make one!

Have a great spring break!

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