Forecast Friday:

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you got to go out and enjoy this cool day because the week away might take your breath away. Anyways let’s take a look at the upcoming weekend’s weather, shall we?

Short Term:

Tonight we can expect lows around 60 degrees with mostly clear skies and a small breeze from the east. Saturday will be a high of around 86 degrees and mostly cloudy skies with no chance of rain. Sunday will have highs expected around 92 degrees. Both Saturday and Sunday nights will have lows around 68 and 78 degrees, respectively. Not a bad weekend for summer but we just heating things up.

Long Term:

Looking at the week ahead there will be a ridge settling over us for most of the week. What does that mean? We can expect the first major heat wave of the year this week. Monday through Wednesday appear to be the days we can expect the most intense the heat and humidity. So keep up with your weather stations or apps for the latest forecasts for changes in the temperatures. Try to minimize exposure to the sun in the coming days to reduce your chances of a heat stroke. See you next Wednesday and stay cool!

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