More Sunshine to Come!

Are you loving this weather? We, who write for the the WKU Meteorology Blog, sure are! Fortunately, the influx of sunshine and rising temperatures will continue until tomorrow. Into the weekend, we may see showers due to the passage of a cold front, so make sure you get outdoors while you can to enjoy this weather while it lasts. For those of you that are students, we wish you the best of luck on finals!

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This Day in Weather History

On this day, in 1995, a historical event took place in the northern Great Plains. According to the National Weather Service, not only were winds surpassing 30 to 60 miles per hour, but wind chills reached 40 to 70 degrees below zero. This was an outcome of a strong front sourced from the Arctic digging low enough to reach the top of our country.

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Warming Up!

Warmer temperatures are expected as we continue the work week as we even saw some flurries last night! Snowy conditions have migrated to the east of us as high pressure moves into the area. This high pressure system will dominate most of the week, as we aren’t seeing any rain chances until Friday afternoon! Definitely a good week to be outdoors to get that yard work done. The high for today is 41F and the low is 26F. Winds will be out of the northwest at 6mph and remain calm throughout the day.

Stay warm and stay safe! Enjoy your Monday!

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Rainy Start to the Weekend, Then Dry

Friday calls for light rain, accumulating to about a tenth of an inch for the day, with the heaviest rain staying south of us. There is a small chance that the rain showers will transition into a mix of light snow and rain, so definitely watch out for slick spots as you commute throughout the night. The high for today is 49F and the low is 35F, so bundle up!

This weekend looks clear as the Tennessee Valley becomes dominated by a high pressure system and the rain moves east. Temperatures are expected to remain chilly though as we head into the month of December. Mostly sunny skies through Saturday and Sunday, with highs staying in the mid 40’s and lows in the upper 20’s (Well below freezing!). You’ll want to bring those pets and vulnerable plants inside for the night.

Stay safe and bundle up! Have a great weekend.

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Honoring an Icon for the Field

On this day, in 1838, Cleveland Abbe was born. Why does it matter? Well, this established astronomer and meteorologist was the only one that had any forecasting experience based on scientific principals when he worked for the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Being the only source of any sort of forecast, or as he called them, probabilities, he was nicknamed “Old Probabilities”, or “Old Prob” for short. The foundation of his public weather service served to be the model for the National Weather Service that we know today.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Abbe was known for his “congeniality, his willingness to instruct, and his piercing inquiries that continually challenged the intellect of his colleagues.”

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Rare Tornado Outbreak of 1970

On this day, in 1970, the eastern-central region of Wisconsin saw a rare occurrence of four tornado touchdowns in the span of a day. By rare, we are referring to the abundance of high temperatures and moisture that this state saw on this day in order to promote the development of severe weather. Of the four twisters, the strongest destroyed Outagamie County, being ranked a F3. This particular storm cost over a half million of damage!

Below is a map that shows the tornado tracks of each tornado that touched down on this day in Wisconsin.

(National Weather Service)
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The Season’s First Snow!

Get ready to see the season’s first snow as a mix of rain and snow move through the region for the beginning of your work week. Snow shower chances will be enhanced after 11am, and are expected to accumulate up to a dusting or so. The chances of it sticking are low as surface temperatures during the event are expected to remain above the freezing level. You will still want to remain cautious on the roads, especially those with shades, for possible slick spots during your walks or commute! The high for today is 40F and the low is 25F, with winds coming out of the NW, giving us that kick of cool air. The rest of the week looks clear as far as precipitation goes up until Thursday, where we’re looking at another chance of snow showers!

Stay safe and enjoy your day!

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Today in Weather History

On this day, in 2007, football lovers across the country were gathered to watch Monday Night Football, though the weather had other plans for the viewers. There was an influx of heavy rain and lighting from a passing cold front, having delayed the game 25 minutes from its originally planned starting time. Moreover, the abundance of mud on the field made for both a messy and uneventful match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins that resulted in this being the lowest-scoring NFL games in history, with the Steelers claiming a win with a score of 3-0.

On a side note, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We hope that you stay healthy and happy!

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Cold Front Brings About Wind Threat

Tomorrow, a cold front will be passing through our area. As always, the chance for thunderstorms will accompany this. However, an additional threat has come to our attention, that being the wind. Ahead of the front, gusty winds will be moving into our region. These have the potential to gust 30-40 mph, with locally higher readings possible. We will see these peak in the morning, calm in the afternoon, and then pick back up in the evening as thunderstorms develop.

(Weather Prediction Center)

Fortunately, this will be brief, only lasting the duration of tomorrow. That means a dry and comfortable Turkey Day is to come! Stay safe and healthy!

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Warming up for the Weekend!

If you’ve been noticing that it feels much less frigidly cold outside, well that’s because our area is being dominated by a high pressure system. This will keep us mild, with a high of 68F and a low of 50F for your Friday! Expect partly cloudy conditions, but overall a great day to be outside. Winds will be variable and may become breezy, so definitely be aware if you are planning to any fire-related activities this weekend. Rain chances will be lining up behind a cold front that is expected to keep us indoors by the end of your weekend on Sunday, with about a quarter of an inch expected according to the GFS numerical model. Definitely be careful on the road if you plan to be commuting and stay safe!

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