Temperatures Tumbling Down for a Frosty Halloween

Get ready for a weekend full of dry conditions and clear skies, but that won’t come without some much cooler temperatures. These fall like temperatures will stay in the mid to low 60’s for the high, with a high of 54F for today. The low for today is 37F, so definitely bundle up on that nighttime commute if you are heading out. Winds will be out of the north at 6-8 mph which will continue giving us that kick of cool air and a chance of frost for your Friday night and into Saturday morning. A surface high pressure will linger over the area which will keep those dry and sunny conditions around, but cold advection will keep temperatures struggling to reach anything close to mild conditions. With that being said, stay warm and have a spooky Halloween!

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Zeta Leaves Behind Incredible Precipitation Totals

Good evening, everyone, and welcome back to our blog! This week, we’ve had the combination of a strong low pressure system with tropical cyclone Zeta pass through our area, bringing about consistent showers that produced impressive amounts of precipitation. In a 48-hour period, western portions of the state received over 4 inches of rainfall (Kentucky Mesonet at WKU)! For us, we saw the just as impressive amount of 2 inches.

Tonight, the showers will move out and leave lots of sunshine for this weekend. That means dry conditions for the holiday! On the night of, skies will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will stoop to the upper 40’s. So, make sure you bring a spare jacket if you plan on going out!

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Heading Towards a Nice Weekend

Good morning everyone!

In true 2020 fashion there is winter precipitation to the west including heavy accumulations of ice while in the Gulf Hurricane Zetta continues to move towards the coast.

Source: https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/NationalForecastChart/staticmaps/

As moisture is pulled into the system there will be an increased chance for heavy rains along with the potential for localized flash flooding, so be careful of roadways and AVOID FAIRVIEW. Clouds have already moved into the area and it’s misting in some spots.

Source: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=regional-southeast-02-24-0-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined

Temperatures will remain comfortable as warm air wraps around Zetta and even increase just a bit as Zetta passes to the east of Kentucky. Cold air looks to advect from Canada after Zetta goes off the Atlantic coast. There could be some windy conditions Thursday with Zetta passing. Gusts could be 15-20 mph.

    • Wednesday
      • High: 65
      • Low: 53
      • Precip: Around 1 inch with some areas getting closer to 1.25 inches
    • Thursday
      • High: 67
      • Low: 46
      • Precip: Around .5 inches with some areas seeing closer to .75. The addition of this rain to Wednesday will make flooding potentials higher for some areas.
    • Friday
      • High: 54
      • Low: 36
      • Precip: Rain looks to push out of the way early Friday morning leaving behind sunnier conditions for the weekend.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay dry! Have a great week!

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Update on the Tropics

Greetings! Welcome back to the Western Kentucky University Meteorology Blog!

As of now, Zeta remains a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico, though it is becoming a powerhouse as it approaches the coastline. The National Hurricane Center predicts that this tropical cyclone will strengthen to a hurricane by the time that it makes landfall on the Louisiana-Mississippi border. By Friday, it will be off the country and could potentially change from a depression to a storm when it makes it back over the Atlantic Ocean.

Moreover, we have good and bad news. We’ll start out with the bad news by letting you know that the rest of the work week will consist of optimal cloud coverage and high chances for showers because of this. However, the good news is that conditions will clear up by the weekend in time for the holiday!

(National Hurricane Center)

That’s all for today, everyone! Have a great rest of your day! See you tomorrow!

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Cloudy, Cooler, and Gloomy Monday

Well we’re definitely not seeing some winter like temperatures for this time of year but get ready for more fall like temperatures to start settling in for the week as some rainfall makes its way through the region. High for today is 61F and the low is 50F, with a slight chance of showers through the late afternoon. About a trace of rain to .5″ is expected to occur for your Monday according to the HRRR 12z model run. Rain chances are expected to stick around for most of the week, so have that umbrella, rain jacket, and windshield wipers ready to go!

Otherwise, Hurricane Epsilon is steering clear of landfall and is expected to stay into the north Atlantic. However, Tropical Storm Zeta is likely to strengthen as it comes up through the Gulf of Mexico. This is expected to impact the southeastern Coastlines of the US, bringing with is some widespread showers as we head into the week. Definitely stay tuned as we fine tune this and keep you guys updated!

Stay safe and Enjoy your Monday!

Courtesy: National Weather Service
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Showers Moving in

High of 81F with some showers likely for your Friday in South Central Kentucky, so you’ll definitely want to pack that umbrella if you plan on being out and about as a low pressure system dominates the great lakes. A cold front approaching most of the Tennessee Valley will cause total rainfall amounts to be at about .25″ through the region with calm wind conditions out of the Southwest at about 5-10mph. Bringing with it will be much cooler air than what we’ve been seeing on Saturday with a high temperature of 58F and a low of 52F. Other than that, Saturday looks like a dry day overall, so that’ll be the day to get any outdoor chores out of the way. From Sunday and on, we are tracking some additional showers that are headed our way. A big cool down is expected for next week as temperatures stay on the decreasing trend for the most part, so stay tuned with us as we track that out for you!

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

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The Return of Storms!

Welcome back, everyone! For the first time in a long time, chances for thunderstorms will return to our forecast!

In the morning, showers may form ahead of a cold front as early as 8am. These will be brief and only produce trace amounts of precipitation.

Following that frontal boundary, isolated thunderstorms will begin to form in the afternoon, possibly around 2pm, and remain possible throughout the evening. These will have the potential to produce strong winds and hail.

(Weather Prediction Center)

We advise for you to postpone any outdoor activities for tomorrow evening to avoid the severity of these storms. Stay safe!

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Warmer End of the Week Before Cooling

Good morning everyone!

Today will definitely be a big warm-up compared to what we’ve had recently. Those warm temperatures are coming from winds coming in from the Atlantic coast and wrapping around the high pressures in the east.

Source: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad and https://aviationweather.gov/progchart/sfc

Models are in general agreeance with the high temperatures for the next few days but are a little more conflicting with the lows and precipitation amounts for Friday. A high pressure system in southern Canada looks to be squeezed southeast into the US by a deepening low in northeast Canada and a high system in the western US. That high pressure system that is squeezed into the US along with the deepening trough from Canada will push the cold front across us Friday into Saturday. We won’t feel any impacts on the temperature until Saturday, but there is the chance for some light precipitation ahead of the front on Friday. Rain looks to be light but to start in the afternoon hours of Friday and last through until Saturday night.

    • Wednesday
      • High: 81
      • Low: 60
    • Thursday
      • High: 83
      • Low: 63
    • Friday
      • High: 78
      • Low: 58
      • Precip: .25 inch

Have a fun, safe, and healthy week!

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Clearing Today to Make for a Summery Wednesday

Hello there! Welcome back to the Western Kentucky University Meteorology Blog! Today started out rather dreary with off-and-on showers that gradually lessened throughout the day. Tonight, these dry, pleasant conditions will carry on into tomorrow, where we will have one last taste of the season that we recently transitioned out of. We will have a noticeable amount of moisture in the air in comparison to what we would normally expect this time of year, and the high temperature could very well surpass 80 degrees. By nightfall, temperatures will decline to the lower 60’s with that muggier air pass sticking around, quite literally!

If you have the time to, get outdoors tomorrow! Don’t forget to hydrate, though. We hope you have a great rest of the day.

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Mild & Rainy to Start the Week

Pack that umbrella as you head out the door today as we expect scattered rainfall to be on and off throughout most of the day. We’re above average in temperature for the month so we’re also looking forward to a warmup throughout the rest of the week, but that doesn’t come without some more chances of rain! High for the day will be about 62F and the low will be seasonably mild at about 60F. Relative humidity is at 80% as well, so pretty moist and muggy conditions at the moment. Winds are coming out of the south at 6mph, giving us that warm kick we’ve been feeling as we dive into the fall season. The stationary front will lift northward and bring us another good chance of showers for tomorrow, so definitely stay tuned for more information on that!

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