Cold Front Brings About Wind Threat

Tomorrow, a cold front will be passing through our area. As always, the chance for thunderstorms will accompany this. However, an additional threat has come to our attention, that being the wind. Ahead of the front, gusty winds will be moving into our region. These have the potential to gust 30-40 mph, with locally higher readings possible. We will see these peak in the morning, calm in the afternoon, and then pick back up in the evening as thunderstorms develop.

(Weather Prediction Center)

Fortunately, this will be brief, only lasting the duration of tomorrow. That means a dry and comfortable Turkey Day is to come! Stay safe and healthy!

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Warming up for the Weekend!

If you’ve been noticing that it feels much less frigidly cold outside, well that’s because our area is being dominated by a high pressure system. This will keep us mild, with a high of 68F and a low of 50F for your Friday! Expect partly cloudy conditions, but overall a great day to be outside. Winds will be variable and may become breezy, so definitely be aware if you are planning to any fire-related activities this weekend. Rain chances will be lining up behind a cold front that is expected to keep us indoors by the end of your weekend on Sunday, with about a quarter of an inch expected according to the GFS numerical model. Definitely be careful on the road if you plan to be commuting and stay safe!

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A Slight Warm Up

Good morning everyone! Hopefully, you put on a warm jacket before heading out as it is on the chilly side. While today it does look to stay on the cooler side, we should expect to see a gradual warm-up Thursday and Friday. Rain chances will stay out of the way as a high-pressure system will dominate the region until Saturday. Here’s the latest satellite image with the ridge associated with that high-pressure system marked:


Saturday a stationary front will sit to the north of Kentucky and will bring a very slight chance for rain to Warren County but the greater chances will remain for counties along the Ohio River to the north.

For now there is not much to say but enjoy the warmer conditions and the sun!

    • Wednesday:
      • High: 56
      • Low: 38
    • Thursday:
      • High: 65
      • Low: 41
    • Friday:
      • High: 66
      • Low: 43

Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a great week!

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Cooler Friday

A cold front has already passed through the region, leaving behind cooler but sunny conditions. The high for today is 60F and the low is 35F, with calm wind conditions. Saturday will also remain mostly clear, but rain chances will increase into the late afternoon and into Sunday. You will definitely want to keep that umbrella in hand as you motion through your weekend. Strong winds and some thunder is possible with this system, with gusts up to 35mph as a low pressure system settles over the great lakes. Stay safe!

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Warm Monday!

Expect clear skies and dry conditions for the start of your work week! Temperatures will reach a high of 78F and a low of 60F, keeping you mild for the majority of your day. The south central KY region is still predominantly under a high pressure system for today. Temperatures are expected to reach a record high too. Definitely take advantage of this as a frontal system will make its way towards the Bowling Green area by Tuesday, with a 50% chance of rain by your late afternoon hours. Temperatures will stay mild according to long range forecast models even as we approach Thanksgiving, so stay tuned as we keep you updated!

Stay safe and a wonderful start to your work week!

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Mild Temperatures to Come

Get ready for a weekend filled with mild temperatures as a high pressure system dominates most of the South Central Kentucky region! This system is expected to keep those clear skies and warm temperatures around for today and the rest of the weekend! The high for today is 71F and the low is 46F, with dry conditions and sunny skies. Light winds will be out of the southeast which will give us a warm breeze throughout the day. Copy and paste the same conditions for the weekend, with a high of 74F and a low of 54F on Saturday. Sunday will be a little warmer, with a high of 76F and a low of 57F. Overall, definitely bring a light sweater with you on your nightly commute, but prepare for warm temperatures to settle in during the day.

No rain chances on radar until mid-next week! Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

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Rain Free, Comfortable End to the Week

Good morning everyone! Hopefully, the elections haven’t gotten you all too frazzled and you’re reading this in good health. Yesterday was much more comfortable compared to the frigid conditions we had seen the previous days with a high of 66° and a low of 34°. The rest of the week looks to be a bit warmer with the exception of Thursday, but it should feel around what yesterday did. A widespread high-pressure system will remain over the area until around Tuesday when a cold front is expected to move through bringing precipitation chances back. Until then it is the perfect time to go out and check some fall foliage, especially the red maples, with loved ones or even by yourself.

    • Wednesday
      • High: 70°
      • Low: 45°
    • Thursday
      • High: 68°
      • Low: 48°
    • Friday
      • High: 69°
      • Low: 44°
Things to do in Bowling Green, Kentucky for Halloween

Also visit the source for the image above for some great things to do this fall around Bowling Green! Have a fun, safe, and healthy week!!

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Frigid Start to the Week

The National Weather Service has put out a freeze warning for South Central Kentucky until 8AM CDT as widespread frosty conditions dominate our Monday morning. Definitely prepare for that by bundling up and planning some time to defrost the car before a commute. The high for today is 52F and the low is 34F, with mostly clear conditions for the remainder of the day. Right now, most of the Tennessee Valley is under a high pressure system, which will keep clouds and rainy conditions out of our hair until next week! Dew points will linger in the lower 20’s, which enhances dry air and sunny conditions. Though it is bitterly cold this morning, expect a warmup to occur as we continue through the week. Temperatures should be peaking into the lower 70’s by Friday.

Until then, stay warm!

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Temperatures Tumbling Down for a Frosty Halloween

Get ready for a weekend full of dry conditions and clear skies, but that won’t come without some much cooler temperatures. These fall like temperatures will stay in the mid to low 60’s for the high, with a high of 54F for today. The low for today is 37F, so definitely bundle up on that nighttime commute if you are heading out. Winds will be out of the north at 6-8 mph which will continue giving us that kick of cool air and a chance of frost for your Friday night and into Saturday morning. A surface high pressure will linger over the area which will keep those dry and sunny conditions around, but cold advection will keep temperatures struggling to reach anything close to mild conditions. With that being said, stay warm and have a spooky Halloween!

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Zeta Leaves Behind Incredible Precipitation Totals

Good evening, everyone, and welcome back to our blog! This week, we’ve had the combination of a strong low pressure system with tropical cyclone Zeta pass through our area, bringing about consistent showers that produced impressive amounts of precipitation. In a 48-hour period, western portions of the state received over 4 inches of rainfall (Kentucky Mesonet at WKU)! For us, we saw the just as impressive amount of 2 inches.

Tonight, the showers will move out and leave lots of sunshine for this weekend. That means dry conditions for the holiday! On the night of, skies will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will stoop to the upper 40’s. So, make sure you bring a spare jacket if you plan on going out!

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