Cooler Weather Continues

With the current jet stream pattern the way it is and the expected evolution of the jet stream as projected by the NAM and GFS, cooler temperatures can be expected throughout the week, with a more winter like feel to the weather as we head toward the weekend where highs might even struggle to reach the 50s.  The expected evolution of the pattern at 250mb is for a continued high amplitude meridional pattern with a trough digging very deep over the Midwest and producing a cutoff upper level system that will progress into the Gulf of Mexico by mid week and be picked back up by the main flow heading toward the end of the week. What does that mean for us?

Well, this system is going to be well south of the Mid South and indications are that the only real impact this system will have would be some slight rain chances for the area tonight and into tomorrow and some cloud cover as well, as there will be enough moisture present at 700mb.  This system will also help produce somewhat of a split flow in the jet stream again, with the real presence of a solid subtropical jet over the Deep South for much of the first part and middle part of the week. So, in summary, the overall weather pattern is looking to be an uneventful one, save for the temperatures cooling off throughout the week.


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