Mild Last Week Of The Summer Season

Quick Overview:


As we enter the last few days of summer we will continue to see temperatures average for this time of year in Bowling Green. Looking towards the week ahead; pleasant late summer weather will grace us. No significant rain events are forecasted for this week as of now, humidity for the region will be pleasant as well as the temperatures; a little chilly, but pleasant, for the nights

Today September 21st, 2015: High 80


Today will be a great day for outdoor activities as we remain in the high pressure system that has been over the region since the weekend. Temperatures in the low 80’s with clear skies. Not too hot, not too sticky, and mostly sunny for the day.

Tonight: Low 50


Skies will remain clear throughout the evening and night which will allow temperatures to drop into the low 50’s.

Tomorrow September 22nd, 2015 High: 82



High pressure will continue to dominate the region keeping temperatures mild and skies clear; yet another great day to be outside. Dew point temperatures will be low keeping the air relatively dry and pleasant.

Tomorrow Night: Low 55

Skies will be clear yet again with temperature in the mid 50’s.

Looking Ahead:

Wednesday: High of 87, Low of 57, beginning to warm up, but not a scorcher. Clear skies throughout the entire day.

Thursday: High of 87, Low of 60, continuing to be milder throughout the day and night but keeping clear skies.

Friday: High of 86, Low of 58, skies becoming partly cloudy: still an excellent day to be outside.

Saturday: High of 85, Low of 56, skies clear.

Sunday: High of 83, Low of 56, clear skies once again.

In a nut shell:

This is a fantastic week to be outside and enjoying the weather, as well as great weather if you want to sit outside and star gaze. Get outside and enjoy it!


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