A Change of Pace This Weekend


I do not know about you, but I am ready to see the sun and feel the warm air again. The weekend looks to bring that to us. Friday will start mostly cloudy with chilly temperature in the low to mid 30s. However, in southern Kentucky with clearing skies as the day goes progresses we will see highs in the upper 40s into the lower 50s.

In the over night hours there is an increase in moisture in the lower levels mixed with the cooling could lead to the formation of fog in central Kentucky. There is potential for freezing fog with temperatures with the lows into the lower 30s. This shouldn’t be to¬† ¬†impactful with ground temperatures above freezing.

The dark blue is were the moisture is located.

Saturday looks to be lovely and above average for this time of year. The high around low 60s and the average is in the mid 50s. with the low is in the upper 30s which the average low. As the high pressure moves away there are indications of small rain showers moving in the area in the later afternoon into the evening hours

If the rain can not beat the dry air on Saturday, then there is a better chance Sunday afternoon to see some light rain showers.


Friday: 51/30

Saturday: 59/39 very small chance of rain, mostly sunny

Sunday: 54/37 increase in rain chance in the evening hours.


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