Warmer but Cloudy Weekend

Shortwave IR Satellite (Source: COD)

It looks like a great start to our morning with few clouds and lots of sunshine for our Saturday. Temperatures will be much warmer compared to these last few days, with highs today heading up to the mid 50’s, and lows into the mid-30’s. A short-lived high pressure center moving through will attribute to these sunny skies. Despite this, we are looking into a cloudy weekend.

The above image is a map of projected cloud cover, and Sunday is projected to be a cloudy one, but there will be times that skies are more clear. Highs will be similar to Saturday, with temperatures in the mid-upper 50’s. Lows for Sunday will be in the mid 40’s. As we head overnight and into Monday afternoon, there is a small chance for rain showers. Highs will be cooler than what we’ll see for this weekend with temperatures in the mid-upper 40’s; lows will be in a similar range to the highs for Monday in the mid-lower 40’s.


Saturday: Sunny and warm, High: 58, Low: 33

Sunday: Overall cloudy and similarly warm to Saturday, High: 56, Low: 44

Monday: In the morning, 30% chance of showers, otherwise generally cloudy, High: 47, Low: 44


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