Friday Forecast 9/16

Good morning, folks, and happy Friday!

Today’s Forecast

As promised, the heat is in full effect today, with temperatures climbing into the upper 80s and full sunshine. Tonight, lows will be in the low-to-mid 60s, with mostly clear skies. A nice day, despite the warmth, get out and enjoy it!

What to Watch For

You could could copy and paste today’s forecast for the forecast this weekend, as both Saturday and Sunday will be filled with abundant sunshine and upper 80s. Same nightly forecasts as well with lows in the mid 60s and clear skies. Should be a calm weekend weather-wise. Looking ahead to early next week, the heat will really begin to crank up as highs next week could push 95 degrees. Stay cool, and stay safe!

Weather Fact!

According to the Kentucky Mesonet monthly summary records, last September in Bowling Green the highest maximum temperature was 87.3 degrees. If the current forecast holds, we could match or exceed that temperature every day for the next week! Definitely a warmer September than last year.

All this talk of heat has me exhausted, and ready for fall! Have a great weekend everyone!

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