Weekly Outlook!

Welcome to the start of another week here in later September! This week the forecast has us starting off warm and ending with some cooler temperatures just in time for the weekend. Tonight, expect partly cloudy skies with a low of around 70 degrees, and a chance of a shower. There is a potential for fog tomorrow morning so watch out in those valleys!

Tuesday: Expect partly cloudy skies with a high of 92 degrees. Tuesday night will have a low of around 68 degrees and clear skies. Only a slight breeze is expected.

Wednesday: Expect it to be a hot day. Perfectly sunny with a high of around 97 degrees, some records may be broken Wednesday. Wednesday night we can expect a low of around 70 degrees and mostly clear skies.

Thursday: Expect cooler temperatures closer to the average temperature at this time of the year. Partly cloudy skies become mostly cloudy throughout the day with a slight chance of rain and a high of around 75 degrees. Thursday night, same old story, mostly clear skies and a low of around 50 degrees. Perfect for opening your windows! There is even going to be a slight breeze, perfect for a fall night. Which Thursday is the first day of fall what are the odds?

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