Weekly Outlook!

Happy Monday everyone! Or maybe not if you’re having one of those Mondays. Let’s take a look at the forecast for the week ahead!

Tonight: Clear skies with a low of 41 degrees.

Tuesday: Expect clear skies with a high of around 73 degrees with a slight breeze. Tuesday night expect clear skies, again, with a low around 40! Chilly! Isolated frost cannot be ruled out.

Wednesday: Clear skies all day and night. High around 70 and low around 46.

Thursday: Expect clear skies once again and some wind gusts up to 15mph. Thursday night expect a low of 48 and a slight breeze.

The week ahead seems like a nice and cool fall week. Hurricane Ian will be making landfall around Wednesday night in Florida. The models have it slowing down to bring flooding to most of the west coast before moving north. We could get what remains of it this weekend, depending on its track.

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