Friday Forecast 2/24

Good morning, folks, and happy Friday!

Today’s Forecast

For today, you can expect some cooler conditions than we have had the past couple of days. Highs will peak around 50 degrees, and there will be mostly cloudy skies. For tonight, clouds increase as rain chances build overnight, and temperatures will be in the mid 40s. A bit of a downgrade from the weather the past couple days for sure!

What to Watch For

This weekend is going to feature plenty of rain chances, starting tonight and persisting through Monday. This rain does not present any serious flooding risk, however some areas are still saturated from the last soaking rains. Highs on Saturday will be mild in the mid 50s, while highs for your Sunday look to be in the low 60s. Early next week we look to dry out and see peeks of sun as temperatures rise by mid week.

Weather Fact!

Everyone knows not to eat the yellow snow, but have you ever heard of brown snow? On this day in 1936, brown-colored snow fell across New Hampshire and Vermont, and brown rain was reported in New York. Experts at the time claimed that the brown color came from dust storms in the Great Plains. (NWS)

Luckily no brown snow here! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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