Happy Monday! 10/30

Happy Monday! Or maybe not if you hate the cold. We are off to a cold start to this week and the cold air will be gone by the end of the week. Halloween will be feeling like winter outside, if only the warm air stuck around for a few more days! This is upcoming weekend we fall back a hour so we get a hour more of sleep! Let us take a look at the forecast for this cooler and sunny week ahead.

Freeze Warning: In affect from 10pm tonight through 9am Tuesday, due to the temperatures dropping to the lower 20s. That means a hard freeze tonight so bring in or cover those plants and maybe leave the sinks dripping so the pipes do not freeze. Trust me, that is not fun when they freeze.

Overall for this week, we can expect sunny skies everyday, so very dry week. Expect highs around 50 degrees and lows around 28 degrees through Thursday. After Thursday, temperatures warm up. Friday and through the weekend, highs around 65 degrees and lows around 45 degrees. We can expect partly cloudy skies for the weekend. The weather is really stagnate right now, so I wonder when the snow will start?

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