Happy Monday! 11/6

Happy Monday everyone! Today Western Kentucky University basketball beat Kentucky Wesleyan 64 to 90 in their first basketball game of the year! This weekend is WKU’s homecoming so come on down to see the homecoming parade on Friday or the football game on Saturday! Jackson’s Orchard is closing on November 18th for the season so head on out there if you haven’t gotten the chance yet to, the apples are amazing! Let us take a look at the forest ahead!

This week we can expect a warm start to this week with the warm air peaking with a high of 80 degrees on Wednesday. Then on Thursday and Friday the cooler air returns with cloudy skies and highs in the upper 60s. We could have scattered showers on Thursday night but that is only chance of rain this week. Next week we could be looking at another cool week and maybe some actual rain!

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